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Please see ordering information at the bottom of this page for pricing and turnaround information on vapor blast projects, and please also visit the FAQ page to learn more. The Project Blog has representative vapor blast projects including what they cost - please visit the blog too!
FREE SHIPPING ON ALL VAPOR BLAST PROJECTS! See the Shipping Information page for details and packing tips!
If you are returning to request shipping labels, please use the request form at the very bottom of this page. 

Our address:

RestoCycle LLC


Services are provided by the hour, at $80 per hour, with a one hour minimum, half-hour increments thereafter. We would be happy to provide you with a pretty firm quote ahead of time too - just use the form above and send us a few photos. No problem!


How do I work with you?


First-off, drop us a note, or better yet fill out this order form, save a copy, and send it to us, let us know what’s coming. If you want an estimate then please snap a few photos of your parts and send them via email to, or attach them using the tool on the form. Pack the parts well padded in a sturdy box and ship them insured for your stated value. Put a copy of your order form in the box please. We’ll inspect the parts when they arrive, photograph everything before and after, and provide you with an estimate if requested. Normal turnaround is 1-3 days in shop, faster if you need it, or a little slower if you don’t. While-you-wait service for locals available by appointment. 


How do I prepare my parts to send to you?


Please clean the worst of any grease, gunk, or chain spooge from your parts before you ship them. Bag any really oily parts just so the box and packing doesn’t get fouled in transit, and this will allow us to reuse your box, saving us both some money. Lightly oily or grimy parts are no problem - we use heated parts cleaning equipment at the beginning of our process that will make short work of that. 


If you’re sending engine parts and cases, lightly bolting stuff back together might make it easier for you to pack things, and reduce the chance of any damage from parts jostling. PAD YOUR PARTS WELL! If you can hear any jostling or clinking when you shake your box, it’s not padded enough.

We strongly suggest that you put no more than 35 pounds of parts in a single box, even if it means multiple boxes. Heavier items packed with lighter ones can cause problems. Cylinders and cylinder heads from multi-cylinder machines are good candidates for double-boxing: We strongly suggest that you wrap these parts in cardboard, then pad them, then put that into a larger box with at least 4 inches of padding all around to prevent damage during shipment. 

Heavy duty double-wall cardboard boxes are best for heavy parts that are going via carriers like FedEx, USPS or UPS. Very heavy parts like entire engines are best shipped strapped onto pallets, encased in cardboard and then wrapped with mover’s shrink wrap.  TAPE THE BOXES WELL.

We have also shipped heavy parts using heavy duty storage totes successfully, closed with zip-ties and padded with rigid foam insulation, wadded-up cardboard or HEAVY DUTY bubble or foam wrap. UPS sometimes dings shippers a few bucks for not having things encased in cardboard, but it’s sometimes a worthy trade-off. Packing peanuts are nearly useless for heavy parts - avoid those when packing heavy objects. 



How to save a coupla bucks on shipping


Retail shipping stores like PakMail or the UPS Store are no bargain. If you want to save a few dollars on shipping, weigh and measure your box, send us that info (or use the form below) and let us email you a prepaid shipping label. With that you can simply drop your box at any UPS Store or depot and not pay a dime for the privilege. USPS Priority Mail is often the best deal of all, if your parts fit, particularly the Flat Rate services. Stop by your local Post Office and pickup a few free Priority Mail boxes – get a couple of different sizes, and make certain to get the Flat Rate boxes. You can print your own postage on, hand the box to your mailman, and you’re done. Note: The only boxes we have ever seen completely fall apart are the free USPS boxes. Tape those very well and pad the contents too. 

How do you ship parts?

We will return your parts via UPS (Ground or Air as you wish) or USPS (Priority Mail), insured for $250, and provide tracking info via email as soon as we do. Palletized items will ship via truck with Con-Way or UPS Freight. If you want higher insurance then you will required to complete some additional forms and signature will be required on delivery. Additional insurance above $250 is at your own expense. Our free shipping applies to UPS Ground shipments only. 

How do I pay?

We will send an invoice via email when your project is finished, including shipping fees, which is due immediately upon receipt. You can pay that invoice online using any major credit card or PayPal. If you prefer to pay by check or other means, just give a call, but that should be arranged ahead of time. If you want an estimate before we begin, email a few photos and use the request for quote form above. Otherwise we will send an invoice for the work once it is complete.


Payment is due in full immediately upon receipt of our invoice.


Questions? Give a call or drop a note anytime.

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