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The super, super '79 CBX

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

This is what we build when a fantastic customer turns us loose, and eggs us on. We started with a rough and tired '79 CBX, tore it apart, and then put it back together with the absolute best combination of parts and enhancements we knew of, while still maintaining the style and integrity of the original bike. Up 100 CCs of displacement with big-bore Wiseco higher compression pistons, one of the very last of Falicon's legendary "Supercrank" crankshafts. Rebuilt head with a three-angle valve job, Prolink CBX transmission with undercut dogs, Prolink silent spring-dampened clutch, Dyna ignition and coils, restored CalFab swingarm, Ohlins HO-140 shocks, Prolink CBX 39mm bushing fork, dual piston brake calipers, stainless steel lines, RaceTech fork, plus the rare and desirable Honda "Sport Kit" parts, lower handlebars, slightly rearset footrests, and and and and. This bike was awesome on the road, felt planted and the suspension perfectly balanced fore and aft. Ohlins shocks are a skosh taller than stock, making the bike turn in crisply and confidently. Pipemasters 6-into-6 was the crowning touch, the bike DEMANDS your attention even with your eyes closed :-). A wonderful project, a happy customer, and now we get to build him another, and that is going to be MUCH wilder. Stay tuned for that project

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