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The 10-Footer '79 Honda CBX

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

We took to calling this bike that because that's how it presented. From 10 feet away it looked B+, mostly because it has a new seat cover and a poor attempt at the iconic Candy Glory Red that many of the '79 CBXs wore. We checked it over initially, fired it up, and it started spewing fuel from the carburetors and smoke from the tailpipe. The engine top-end was worn out, so with no further ado the bike was broken down for restoration and the engine disassembled for inspection and service. The top end got the works, new pistons, rings, and bore, recut valves and new seals in the head, plus a full set of cam chain tensioner parts. The crankcase got painted and the rest of the engine vapor blasted and polished. The rest of the bike got similar treatment - new Perseus Silver paint and fresh decals, powdercoat, paint, vapor blast, polish, chrome and zinc plating. The whole Magilla. We snuck in many of our favorite upgrades, mostly unseen - better bearings in the swingarm and steering head, new and improved wiring, relay power for the coils, an upgraded stock alternator, plus excellent Ikon shocks to the rear, plus RaceTech internals in the fork. This bike looks and is fantastic, inside and out, if we do say so ourselves :-).

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