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Make this great '80 CBX great again

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

What can we say, we understand, life gets in the way of our motorcycles sometimes :-). This awesome 1980 Honda CBX was built by our friends at Tim's CBX, and it rips. But it sat without draining the carburetors, so they naturally went rotten and so did the gas tank. The carbs got rebuilt and the gas tank and petcock cleaned out and we adjusted the valves and serviced the advancer and set the ignition timing, made that all tip-top. Some wiring overheated in the usual spots, so we rewired the coils and ignition to take the load off of some of the at-risk parts, and resealed a leaky alternator too. The 39mm Prolink fork was leaking, so it was rebuilt with new oil and seals and then carefully aligned, and then we replaced the rear shocks with an excellent set of Ikon 7610, to better complement the front suspension. We checked, adjusted, lubricated, repaired, powdercoated, cleaned, polished, aligned, and rebuilt anything that needed any attention and then we rolled it down the street to our friends' dyno and let 'er rip, all in the name of science of course. 103 RWHP from this big-bore beast, about 20 more than the stock '80, with that delicious and raucous 6-into-6 Pipemasters bark. Great bike Tim's, we were happy and sad to send it home, but our customer was delighted, and that's the best outcome of all.

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