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Deep service on a 1982 Honda "Prolink" CBX

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Another gem in the rough, this bike arrived with a scant 6,000 miles showing on the odometer, but clearly, some of those 38 years were spent outside, and it still needed plenty to be great. This was a "deep service" job - we inspected and perfected every subsystem on the motorcycle, bearings, tires, wheels, rebuilt brakes, front and rear suspension, recovered the stock seat, fixed some paint problems, and powdercoated most of the black parts not including the frame. Naturally the carburetors required a full rebuild, and the engine got its own deep service, including valve adjustment, advancer service, cam chain and clutch adjustment and many new gaskets and seals. The gauges got a refurb, plus the wiring all got a meticulous tune-up, including many of our favorite wiring and charging system upgrades: bladed ATC fuses to replace the glass, a rebuilt stock alternator, an LED headlight, and even heated grips. This project took about 2 months and the result is an immaculate '82 CBX that is ready to ride and tour, with comfort and confidence. Great bike.

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