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Time Capsule Prolink CBX II

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Another of the marvelous 82 Pearl Altair White "Prolink" CBXs crossed our path - this one with a scant 10,000 miles put on it before it was parked. As is all too common with the Prolink CBX, it was left on the sidestand, the air leaked out of that feeble stock Showa rear air shock and it toppled over onto its right side, resulting in the damage you see in the early photos, and the busted windshield. Our local paint partner did the honors on the tank and sidecover repair and repaint, and also repaired and repainted a busted tail section too. The rest of the project is what we like to call "Deep Service", where we go end to end on all the mechanical and electrical subsystems on the entire motorcycle. Result: One of the very nicest "rider" Prolink CBXs you'll find anywhere. Photos are captioned, click in!

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