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More Kawasakis! A hotrod KZ900, nut-and-bolt restoration.

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Such a fun project, we are grooving on these Kawasakis. This bike started out tired and thrashed, and so it got the Full Monty, from the crankshaft on up. No stone was left un-turned on the project, the crank was welded, trued and balanced at Falicon, and the cylinder head got the full Kibblewhite treatment with new guides, valves, springs and mild porting. We installed new higher compression big-bore Wiseco forged pistons, degreed the cams, modified the carburetors to flow more fuel, and stuffed every ignition and electrical and charging system upgrade we could into it including Dyna ignition and coils, a coil power relay, uprated stator and modern regulator/rectifier, plus a new wiring harness. The bodywork got a luscious coat of stock green paint, and everything else was either painted, powdercoated, or polished before we put it back together. Z-Resto also restore our gauges. The suspension got the kitchen sink too - roller bearings in the steering head and swingarm, RaceTech cartridge emulators in the fork, plus a pair of Ikon 7610 shock absorbers at the rear. A cool sculpted seat and a new reproduction 4-into-4 exhaust system finished it off. At a glance this bike looks original, but it goes, turns and stops a ton better than any bike in 1976, starts if you so much as breathe on the button, and it's sneaky fast for what is it, and super smooth too. We loved building this bike.

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