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  • Nils Menten

We wake up a slumbering 1982 Honda Prolink CBX

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

A great fun project, we acquired this bike in partial trade for the restoration of two other motorcycles, completed earlier this year. The last of the 4 years of the mighty Honda 6-cylinder CBX, the second-generation "Prolink" style, with Honda's first use of a monoshock rear suspension on a street bike. An incredible transformation from the "Universal Japanese Motorcycle" style of the first generation "twin shock" CBX, Honda had the motorcycle world all scratching their heads with the Prolink CBX. Nobody knew what to do with it! It took nearly 20 years for the world to catch up to the concept of Supersport Touring that Honda pioneered with this bike, which was no help to the CBX. This bike is a 1982 model, the rarest of all the CBX variants by the numbers, with only 4,000 copies made.

This bike was complete and unmolested except by our powerful Arizona sun, as it sat unloved in a carport for 10 years. Its low mileage was its saving grace, we revived the engine with a careful and deep service, clean carburetors, and a total restoration of the wiring and ignition system. The original finishes were mostly renewed, some careful refinishing was snuck in here and there where we could not save things. Pretty much every rubber item on the motorcycle perished though, and the suspension and brakes required complete restoration to restore perfect functionality.

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