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Honda CT90 Restoration

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

A nice change of pace, not our usual fare but we enjoyed it no less. Cool bikes, Honda made scads of them and they were beat and thrashed and loved and abused all over the world, and still are. This bike came in barely running, but complete, reducing the parts hunt somewhat. In the end it got gone-through end to end, rebuilt fork, new wheel bearings, steering head bearings, refinished the hubs, repaired and upgraded a lot of the wiring, new cables, brakes, rebuilt the carburetor, upgraded the charging system, found an exhaust system, and a complete top-end for the engine was needed, piston, rings, bore, valves guides and seals, the works. We made the decision to leave the cool original red paint, touched up a few spots here and there, compounded and waxed it. All the silver paint was resprayed and new decals were applied. Result: A one-kick starter that goes, turns, stops as it should, looks great. Yes, this was fun!

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