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BMW R60/2 Parts from BEHIND the Barn

Everyone that's into old motorcycles enjoys a great "barn find" story. This one is a step beyond. This poor neglected bike was parked out BEHIND an old shed, and there it sat for many years.


My customer needed some parts for his restoration, saw some potential donors on this bike, and so dragged out out of there, pulled off the parts, and sent them off to us. And although the vapor blaster can't replace the missing metal on the worst of the two valve covers you'll see in the photo gallery, they still look great, along with the other parts we processed.

For reference this project took about 3 hours, net $150 at 2015 rates, and cost about $50 to return ship to the east coast, insured.

Enjoy some photos, before and after!

#VaporBlasting #BMWR602 #FullRestoration

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