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1975 Kawasaki Z1 900 Restoration

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

A total nut-and-bolt restoration of the iconic superbike of the 70s. Trumped by Honda's introduction of the CB 750 in 1969, and with their own 4-cylinder 750 nearly ready for market, Kawasaki brass sent the team back to work with explicit instructions to beat the Honda in every way possible. It took a few years for that to happen, but in 1973 Kawasaki introduced the bike you see here. Unmistakable in profile with its distinctive tank and "DA" tail, and the prominent DOHC cam towers, it was bigger, badder, faster, and more powerful than it's SOHC Honda competitor. We took a tired old bike with good bones and made it better than new with a total engine rebuild, ignition and wiring upgrades, beautiful paint and chrome, and much more. This bike is now strafing the passes and valleys of Switzerland in the hands of its very happy owner.

We're all-in on this restoration, although engine compression numbers were good, numerous oil leaks necessitated the disassembly of the engine to remedy, and that led to the discovery of worn shift forks, bad valve guides, and improper piston fit during a prior top end rebuild. The chassis is totally rebuilt with new steering head and swingarm bearings, rebuilt and relaced wheels, tires, and powdercoat for the frame. The fork got new tubes and RaceTech internals to improve performance and it's wearing modern Ikon rear shocks in period guise. The wiring harness is new and all the original electrical components have been refurbished. All the zinc fasteners have been replated and all the chrome redone as well. It has uprated Dyna ignition and coils. The previous top-end work included the installation of high compression 72mm pistons, and so our 900 is actually a 1075, which should suit this particular customer very well.

New reproduction bodywork, exhaust and seat were installed, and now begins the process of tweaking, tuning and adjusting till everything is just right.

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