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SOHC Honda parts, gorgeous again

We got a really nice set of parts in from a member of the excellent SOHC4 web forums (http://forums.sohc4.net/) for a little tune-up. These were really nice parts to start with, in excellent condition overall, but the valve cover had been polished and didn't look great, and the side covers had a normal amount of scratches and scuffs and clearcoat damage for 45 year old parts. We can fix that! We also did a little hand work for this customer, sanding out some heavy scratches on the stator cover, before vapor blasting. Great result! CLICK IN FOR CAPTIONS AND LARGER IMAGES! This project took about 4 hours in total for the vapor blasting ($200 at 2015 rates), plus another half-hour of extra hand work removing the scratches from the stator cover.

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