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Vapor Blasting resurrects older Ducati Pantah parts

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

This is an excellent project to demonstrate the capabilities of our Vapor Blasting process, and show some of the results.

This is a batch of older Ducati parts: The crankcase is from a Ducati Pantah, the other parts were from other Ducati motorcycles of that same era. Pay close attention to the surface of the parts in the first few photos - these parts had been broken down and stored for many years, and so the surfaces became heavily oxidized inside and out. Parts in this condition require a two-stage blasting process, after being pre-cleaned and all oil passages plugged. Ferrous parts like cylinder studs and pressed-in bushings are left in place, and the parts are immediately rinsed, dried and coated with protectant to stop any flash rust. The customer was delighted - this is about as close as you can come to a full-on resurrection of an otherwise unusable part.

The cylinder head and cylinder are also excellent examples of the unique capabilities of this process. Can you imagine trying to effectively clean and restore those surfaces between those fins by hand, and having it look this good? Vapor blasting not only cleans and restores the finish of these parts, but it also seals the pores of the aluminum, making treated parts much more resistant to further corrosion and inevitable oxidization.

This project took about 5 1/2 hours ($275 at 2015 rates), but it included a half-hour for the splitting of the Ducati cases and the extraction of the bearings within. These parts did NOT require extensive pre-cleaning/degreasing. That work, if needed would have increased the time and cost of this project. Please click into the photos for captions and more information.

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