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1972 Kawasaki H2 750 - "The Florida Bike"

This bike might have cured us on restoring "Florida bikes" again. But still, this one was worth it. An original, unmolested example of the fearsome first-year Kawasaki H2 750 two-stroke "triple" this is another bike that got rolled into the back of the carport, and there it sat, collecting corrosion. It needed everything, same as our KZ1300 project, every nut and bolt and piece of chrome had to be refinished, and that included the original unobtanium exhaust. We reused every original part from this bike that wasn't rubber or paint, and that took a lot of effort, but its not often that you see one of these go by, and so we felt it worth the extra effort. Several specialists and craftsmen contributed to this project - Jim Hobbs of Lakeland Services rebuilt our ignition in the original replated housings, Dave Singleton rebuilt that lovely crank. Bob Harrington of Z-Resto rebuilt those perfect gauges.

The result of this project was a 1-kick starter that killed bugs and scared children and animals, and came on the pipe with vengeance and fury, just like we expected. Our customer was delighted, said it took him back in time to see and ride it again. That was the best part of doing this project.

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