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Ikon Suspension Products

The perfect remedy for your tired vintage suspension, Ikon shock absorbers and fork springs will restore your ride to better-than-new, improving your comfort, confidence, and control. A direct descendent of the legendary Koni shock absorbers that set the standard for high performance when your bike was new, Ikon shocks come in a wide range of appearance packages, and will look just right on your vintage motorcycle.


RestoCycle offers a dedicated website for Ikon shocks and fork springs at 

Ikon 7610 series for twin-shock motorcycles - Our flagship and most customizable model. Adjustable for damping and preload, rebuildable, customizable. Uses progressive springs, chrome or black body or spring with optional covers in chrome, steel or aluminum to closely match original equipment on may older motorcycles. Wide selection for older motorcycles. Sold in pairs.  

Ikon 76 series for twin-shock motorcycles - Same great Ikon quality, great performance, great value. Non adjustable for damping, progressive-rate spring, single style for appearance. Similarly wide range of applications as the 7610 for older motorcycles. Sold in pairs.

Ikon 7614 series for twin-shock motorcycles - A slightly higher-performing twin tube gas-charged shock with a lightweight aluminum body, progressive spring infinitely adjustable for preload with 4-way damping adjustment. Applications for newer street and off-road motorcycles, plus selected vintage. Sold in pairs. 

Ikon 3214 series for mono-shock motorcycles - Monotube design, gas-charged with lightweight aluminum body, progressive spring is infinitely adjustable for preload with 4-way damping adjustment. Applications for modern BMW boxers (front suspension) Sold singly. 

Ikon 3610 series for mono-shock motorcycles - Compact steel-body, monotube design allows installation in any orientation. Gas-charged progressive spring is infinitely adjustable for preload with 4-way damping adjustment. Applications for many modern BMW boxers (rear suspension). Sold singly. 

Ikon 36 series for mono-shock motorcycles - Compact steel-body, monotube design, this shock is sold without springs, and is designed to be inserted into your stock suspension on Harley-Davidson Softails. Gas-charged and non-adjustable for damping. Sold singly. 

Fork Springs

Ikon and Koni Shock  Absorber Rebuild Services

RestoCycle is fully equipped with factory parts, tools, and training to rebuild any Ikon shock plus very many of the excellent Koni 7610 shocks that preceded Ikon. Shock rebuild services are offered at $125 per shock absorber, including new seals and body orings. Basic rebuild includes complete disassembly and cleaning, inspection, and reassembly with new oil, seals and orings.


Additional services are available including revalving to change damping characteristics, replacement springs, plus any additional parts that may require replacement once the shock is disassembled, cleaned and inspected.

Vintage Koni shocks with aluminum bodies may also be refinished using our vapor blast equipment to restore as-new appearance. 

We stock a complete kit of internal replacement parts plus a large selection of shock springs. Normal turnaround for shock rebuild service is one week in-shop, although that may increase if new springs that we do not have in stock or other non-stock parts are required.

If upon disassembly and inspection we determine that your shocks are not a candidate for rebuilding due to excessive wear or damage to unavailable components we will return or discard your shocks, at your direction. You will be responsible for the return shipping cost. A minimum labor charge of $75 will apply for shocks deemed non-repairable, which may be applied toward the purchase of a new pair of Ikon shocks. 

Vapor blasting of aluminum motorcycle components is a specialization, but what we really love is restoring old motorcycles, and helping others to do the same. Please explore our site to learn more about what we do, and be in touch anytime to discuss your project. 

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