Japanese bikes are our specialty, but we love them all. Just like you. And we love helping people bring them back to their former glory, whether that's a total restoration of your bike, or a rebuild of your brakes and fork, or vapor blasting of your motorcycle's aluminum parts to help renew your machine. ​


IF WE CAN HELP YOU WE WILL. Even if it's just by providing advice, or a referral to another specialist, or if it's a project for us. This is our passion and we want to share it with you. 




Vapor blasting your aluminum engine and chassis parts will make them look better than new, and protect them from future corrosion. It's incredible. 

Your beloved bike (or one of ours) transformed into the bike of your dreams. Call us to discuss your triumphant return to glory days. Go find your leathers.

Just need a little help with your old Japanese motorcycle? We can rebuild and restore your fork, brakes and wheels to better than new condition. Send 'em!

Vapor blasting of aluminum motorcycle components is a specialization, but what we really love is restoring old motorcycles, and helping others to do the same. Please explore our site to learn more about what we do, and be in touch anytime to discuss your project. 

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