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See the Vapor Blasting Order form page  to request shipping labels!

Here's how this works:

  • Visit this page to get an idea of what your project might cost by viewing the representative projects gallery, or better yet, complete the online ordering form and request a quote. You can easily upload photos of your project right there on the form and we will get right back to you with a firm quote. 

  • On the order form, include the weight and dimensions of your box(es). We will use that to generate inbound shipping labels that we will email to you, which will generally cut that cost in half compared to retail shipping services, and we will bill you for that with your project when everything is finished (typically 2-3 days in house).

  • Print and tape the label to your (well packed) box and drop it at any nearby UPS Store or depot, or if you prefer we will also generate a pickup request for UPS to come to your house to pickup. The closest drop off locations will be in the instructions on your label.

  • Return shipping is FREE.

  • Once your project is complete (2-3 days in-shop), we will email you tracking information and an invoice via email. Click on the link in the emailed invoice to pay online with a credit card, and your parts (and shipment tracking info) will be on their way home. 

Our address:

RestoCycle LLC


  • Your box choice is very important - the BEST choice is new heavy double-wall corrugated cardboard boxes, which can be obtained at home improvement stores like Lowes and Home Depot. Lightweight cardboard boxes like those used by Amazon and other online retailers for lightweight items are too flimsy for heavy engine parts, and should be avoided.

  • Sturdy used boxes can be OK, but only the double-wall variety. Look at the edge of the cardboard to see if it is single or double wall. Pad your parts well, and tape securely top and bottom. If the box is starting to lose its shape, don't use it! It will be a paper bag by the time it arrives here, risking the contents, and UPS will NOT reimburse for damage for under-packed items. On the bottom of any cardboard box you will see specifications of the box in a circular certification stamp. 200 or 275 edge strength is ideal for heavy parts. 

  • Very heavy items like cylinders and heads should be pre-wrapped in cardboard and then boxed in another box, padded, or you risk damage to the fins, or other lighter parts in the same box with them. We recommend that you pack those two items in one box, possibly with a few smaller parts (well padded) and put the other bulky and lighter parts like crankcases and sidecovers in a second box.

  • Crankcase and other studs may be left in, but will make packing your parts more difficult and increase the cost of shipment. Lightly bolt the cases back together with a couple of bolts to protect the gasket surface and make them easier to pack. Pre-box smaller fragile parts like carburetors too. Pad the ends of any studs! We have had boxes arrive with these studs poking clear through the cardboard. 

  • Packing peanuts are NOT suitable for packing heavy parts and should be avoided. Most bubble wrap is too lightweight for heavy parts too. The very best padding material is foam, but wadded kraft paper or even newspaper is surprisingly effective. If we have shipped to you before, save the bubble wrap we used! At $175 per roll it is very expensive, because it is very durable. 

  • Once packed, weigh and measure your boxes (hop on and off your bathroom scale holding them, subtract your weight), then relay that info to us, and we will send you prepaid UPS shipping labels that will cut your inbound shipping costs in half.

  • Return shipping is free! The shipping label request form is at the bottom of the ordering page, save yourself a couplea bucks and let us email you an inbound label. 


  • Normal turnaround time is 2-3 days in shop, or faster if you need it. We will send you UPS tracking once we've shipped your project, plus an invoice via email (including any inbound shipping charges) that you can pay online with a credit card. We try to make it easy :-). 

More questions? Be in touch anytime and thanks for your interest!

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